Random stuff I’ve heard lately (or thought I heard anyway):

“I’m sorry sir, that hasn’t came through yet.”
“Is a bull a bro-vine?”
“He’s kind of actually whatever”
“I disrespect your Mom, not you”
“When I put words in your mouth, I can say whatever the fuck I want!”
“You don’t know how to use your finger”
“I have a goat on my website”
“You have just did your first ultrasound”
You‘re done, because I am going home”

Not too bright

How does this freakin’ thing work?

A-haha. Christmas Eve, 1:09 AM. Guess that makes it Christmas morning.
I’ve got my yawn on, but here I am at the computer, trying to get my website rockin’. I guess I’ve had bobwhitemusic.com for quite a few years (10?), but I never really turned it into anything. Man! It takes time, and knowledge I don’t possess. I have a big hosting plan with GoDaddy, enough to run the 20 or 30 business domains I want to put up (it will happen!), but I still had this ancient Yahoo plan I’ve been paying quarterly for forever. So a couple of months ago, I decided to finally move this domain over to GoDaddy and stop wasting money by having two different hosting plans. Took a little effort, but I got it done. As soon as GoDaddy confirmed that my domain was with them , I cancelled my Yahoo web hosting. OOPS! Uh… domain registration and web hosting are two different things, genius!. My website was gone, dead, kaput.

Long story short, I (obviously) got it restored and down the rabbit hole I go. SOOO much too learn, but it’s nice to have a hobby 🙂 Looks like I got all of my menus, pages and posts back, re-installed my main page music player and uploaded a handful of tunes. Need to reload all of my photos and galleries, so if you’re looking at my photo pages and seeing a bunch of broken links, I know… Sorry. But I’ll get ’em fixed soon.

Now, if I could just figure out how to have a different featured image on each page. It works on some pages and not on others and I’ll be doggone if I can figure out why.

Oh. And guess what? No one is going to read this post, so I’m just having fun talking to myself here. Hang in, imaginary friend, you’ll be seeing my photos soon.

One thing I do know, it’s how to put a picture and a song into a post. I think…

Here’s a self portrait:
.Paris selfie

I took this shot of a very odd piece of art at the Pompidou Center in Paris in fall of 2012. It wasn’t until months later that I noticed that there is a perfect reflection of me in the glass.

Um, I mean, I did it on purpose because I’m so freakin’ brilliant. Uh, yeah… that’s it.

And this here is my nearly completed cover of the Beatles’ Cry Baby Cry. I love it. Hope you do too (whoever you are).