Now playing: Bayou Country – CCR

Bayou Country was the 1st record I bought with my own money. 
Remember when records were 33 minutes long and, in CCR’s case, groups put out three records in the same year?
This is also the first record I can remember playing along with. Well, a little bit anyway, because I sucked at guitar when I was 12, a trait that continues to this day 🙂 But I was SO excited when I figured out that a first position C7 slid up to the 5th fret with both E strings left open to ring was an E7 and I played that opening riff to Born on the Bayou for hours on end. Then there was Fogerty’s voice, all swampy and southern sounding. And the record was so sparsely recorded. Lots of open space, nearly no overdubs, no background vocals, just a tight little four piece band rocking out. 

And they choogled.

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