Now Playing – the Band

Now Playing – the Band

 Over the decades, I keep rediscovering this album. Every so many years, I pick it back up and rather than merely retaining its glory, it gets better and better. I truly feel it is one of the top 10 records ever recorded. Every single song is a treasure, perfectly crafted, filled with emotion and humor, tremendous musicianship, outstanding production and three of the greatest singers who ever lived. It’s a perfect album. 

 I find that just mentioning the group members by name, I can get emotional. It moves me that much.

Levon Helm
Rick Danko
Richard Manuel
Robbie Robertson
Garth Hudson

  Some years back, when I was riding the music industry gravy train, EMI offered me the opportunity to have a gold record for ANY record from their catalog (except for the Beatles). ANY record. 

I chose this one! 

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