And you can hide your face
and wear some baggy clothes
and stay inside your place
You think nobody knows

Oo-ooh, you’re fine on the outside
But you shine from the inside
and that’s the one thing
You can never hide

Your hair under a hat
You wear the darkest shades
But I can see through that
And your heart never fades


You can’t turn back the tide
No matter how you try
You can’t hide what’s inside

And you can wear a wig
And melt into the crowd
But your soul’s just too big
And your love’s much too loud

Words and music by bobwhite
© 2005 Hannah’s Dad’s Music/Samsongs BMI

Guitars, bass, keyboards, vocals, produced, mixed and studio painted by bobwhite
Special guest: Barlow Sample on guitar
Recorded at 44 Square, Fucking, Austria.
Engineered by Hans Asperger
bobwhite in Paris – photo by Roberto Blanco

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