Okay. So, back in 2003, I had this friend who was “the biggest concert promoter in Modesto”. 

 He told me he was trying to put together a novelty act, a senior citizen punk group. We riffed for awhile, goofing about how an ambulance would be parked in front of the club when they played. He seemed sincere in saying, “A band member should die at every show”. He had some song titles, like Hey Nurse, Angry Golf Assault and Hey You Kids Get Off My Lawn among others, wondered if I might like to take a crack at writing some.

 I wrote him a couple of tunes, but nothing came of it. He didn’t love the tunes, but I sure did 🙂

 I present to you, bobwhite and the Geriatrics, featuring Grumpy Old Punk on vocals.

illustration by Samson Abramson

You kids get off my lawn
Or I’m going to call the cops
Hey you kids
Get off my lawn
or I’m going to blow my top

I’m four horsepower
I’m weed and feed
I’m all turf builder
And I don’t need


You think I’m kidding
Well I’ll show you
You’ll be sorry
When I’m through with


You ring my bell
and run away
A burning paper bag and


Hey – that’s my birdhouse
That’s my fence
Mess with me?
I know your parents


words and music: bobwhite
© 2003 Hannah’s Dad’s Music/Samsongs 

bobwhite and the geriatrics:
grumpy old punk: lead vocals
bob white – drum programs
barlow sample – guitar
cliff – bass and vocals

produced by Roman Cliff
engineered by Hans Asperger
mixed by Joey Abersom
recorded at 44 Square, California, USA
vocals recorded in the blue room
executive producer – Joel Abramson


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