The most important election of my life

Listen, I don’t love Hillary, but I consider myself a realist.

Government is government. Neither Drumpf, nor anyone else, can wave a wand and be that “change agent” some of his followers fantasize he will be. There are lots of sharks out there and I believe Hillary is infinitely better prepared to swim those murky waters. Drumpf – he specializes in more murk. THIS ocean has “cyber and nuclear”. You don’t simply file for divorce or declare bankruptcy in this “game”. In this game, we’re playing for LIVES!

Looking at the latest poll numbers (NY Times, citing Huff Post database), shows Drumpf polling at an average of 43.18% nationally. I’m trying to understand that level of support…

I have no problem believing that 21.59% of my fellow Americans (“half of his supporters” fall into the “basket of deplorables” As offended as a few were by Secretary Clinton’s characterization, many more seemed rather proud of that tag. In fact, they embraced it, buying t-shirts and hats etc. from profiteers. Good for them. The Constitution supports their right to share their opinions, no matter what they’re based on (fear, hate, bigotry, misogyny, racism, a grossly over armed populace…)

And I have no problem believing that 20% of non-deplorable (generally speaking) Americans are simply dyed in the wool Republicans – they’ll vote red no matter what.

It is a few other folks who might decide our future as a nation, the nation we hope will continue to shine the light and lead the world.

When they were young, my kids asked me what the main difference between Republicans and Democrats was. After giving it some thought, I answered:

“Generally speaking, Republicans seem angry at everyone and everything, especially ‘the Government’, and they vent their rage by pointing fingers at others, while offering few positive solutions. In fact, they seem to relish saying NO to any solution put forward. Democrats, are ‘full of hope’, want to believe everything will be better in the future if we all just get along, often expressing this by trying to baby proof the entire country with speed bumps, an overabundance of handicap parking spots and ‘tactile warning devices’. In the end, everything is about money, although in a rare show of non-partisanship, both parties will deny this vehemently”.

I believe the truth lies somewhere in the middle, of course. Both “sides” seem thoroughly entrenched in their little frames, keeping real progress to a minimum.

For me, while I project more of an extreme left position, when I’m alone with me, I have to admit that I’m merely a bit left of center. Which brings me back to the start of this rant – the values of the Democratic Party are more in line with my hopefulness that we can support each other as a people, that Americans can stop the insanely self-destructive love affair with firearms, and that we can all choose love and peace over fear and hatred. To me, the latter is what Drumpf represents, and his voice, along with the deplorables who hear this dog whistle, needs to recede into the background of our national conversation.

I’m voting Blue.

Clinton Trump

100 words on what’s really at stake on November 8th

My liberal friends.

Hillary? Bernie?
Not the most important candidates this November…

If we’ve learned one thing over the Obama years, it’s that Republicans have shown a great willingness to hold their collective breath until America turns blue.

So, grant them their wish. Please! Turn America blue.

Without control of the House or the Senate, President Sanders (or Clinton II) will endure much the same struggle Barack Obama has. The IMPORTANT elections this fall will be in the Congress.

Who are your Representatives? They are up for election.
Who are your Senators? Are they up for re-election this year?


100 (and last) words on Trump

America’s most despised “leader” is increasingly unlikely to be his party’s nominee. And he has no chance of winning general election. Even Bernie, the candidate the press pretends doesn’t exist, beats him in a landslide.

Trump’s “success” is driven by an absurd amount of media coverage. They cover this buffoon because it makes rubberneckers, like me, turn the TV on. He’s Zika, he’s a mining disaster, a train derailment, a 20 car collision, all rolled into one.

And I am tired of it. Trump is irrelevant. All he breeds is ignorance and hate.

I will not talk about him anymore.

Drumpf hate

100 words on the election…

A few days ago, an old friend (actually, he was my JUNIOR high school music teacher – so I haven’t seen him in 46 years!) commented on my Facebook post about Ted Cruz being a freaking bunghole. He said,

“…take it easy”.

At first, I thought, “My post wasn’t what I’d call hysterical. What’s your big deal?”
But now that I’ve reflected, the message I’m taking from his protective advisory is that this insanity, this political circus, goes on for another 8 months. After the conventions, it could get even crazier, so…

I guess I had better learn to pace myself.


100 words from March 17

Didn’t even realize I was writing 100 words way back on St. Patty’s Day 😉
Well, hoy de doy. I was!
And here they were…

I got in the car this morning and Modern Music by Be Bop Deluxe was on the radio. It took me back to one of the staples of my late teens/early 20’s. As the 12 minute masterpiece unfolded, I found myself turning the radio louder and louder and louder.

When it ended, Forbidden Lovers came on. What? Oh crap. I figured Bill Nelson must have joined the rock n’ roll heaven class of 2016.

“When will this journey be through?”

Good news. Unless the DJ knows something that the internets don’t, Mr. Nelson is still alive and well.

You’re welcome

Be Bop

100 words on Lennon and Martin

Watching a short clip of John Lennon speaking about George Martin; commenting “it’s hard to describe a relationship”.

As John speaks, it seems as if the more he verbalizes it, the more he acknowledges (to himself?) just how much George Martin brought to the party. It’s true, without George Martin, there is no Beatles; without the Beatles, we’re certainly not talking much about George Martin.

Together? We’ve been discussing this for over 50 years now and it’s not much of a stretch to predict that “we” will still be discussing them in another 50 years.

Rest in peace, Sir George.


100 words a day…

One hundred words a day. Seems like so few.
My instinct is to rhyme them, to do all the time then, to make them all mine them…

What a lovely exercise. I hope I’ll have the discipline to do this every day, at least once. To gain the concision, to let the thoughts flow, to open the sluices. Hahahaha. This is silly, but I know it can be serious too. Maybe it will become the meditation to take my mind off of whatever is plaguing it, to tum it in another direction,

to be a place where positivity thrives.


And the stars look very different today

I watch the ripples change their size
But never leave the stream
Of warm impermanence

Nothing I can say about Bowie that hasn’t already been said better.
The short version – David, your music has been part of the soundtrack of my life since I was 11 or 12 years old. Your passing cuts deeply. You were more than a musician, more than a writer, more than an artist, more than a star. You were, and always will be, a true icon.

Every weekend, Molly, who has somehow become 16 years old (time flies when you’re having fun?) and I go on long drives. She, naturally, controls the music. Over the course of our journeys, I can l always depend on the fact that I’m going to hear Changes, Oh! You Pretty Things, All the Young Dudes…

The two best lines I’ve heard on this mournful day:
“If you’re ever sad, just remember the world is 4.543 billion years old and you somehow managed to exist at the same time as David Bowie.”
“No more crying. David Bowie wouldn’t want us to waste the eye liner”

Rest in peace David.
Thank you.

P.S. Thanks for turning me on to Stevie Ray!

Photo by Masayoshi Sukita

Are you my friend? Or a spammy little robot?

Been so busy with the day job lately, I haven’t had any time to attend to my beloved website. I logged in this morning to see that I have 39 new subscribers. Oooh, lucky me! So popular, especially in Eastern Europe. Send me a plane ticket, I’ll come and perform for you soon. It would be my honor.

I am going to assume that these are all spammers looking to promote their grift and delete them. If you really are interested in my website, please shoot me a quick email – to – and I’ll not only leave you as a subscriber, I will personally send you an email saying thanks!


dog drive


I’m Already Home

More often than not for me, the music comes first. Usually starts with a chord progression, then the melody will begin to surface. At some point, the lyrics will just sing themselves to me. It’s very strange. One minute I have an instrumental work in progress, the next minute I find out what the song is about. It’s always such a surprise! My favorite lyrics are the ones that show up all at once, as if someone else was dictating them to me.

For most of my life, I had never bothered to learn a lot of other people’s songs. Don’t ask me why; I just hadn’t. But one day in 2007, out of nowhere, I became obsessed with a particular song. I’d never thought to learn it before, but I found the chords and I played it over and over and over and over and over. I couldn’t stop. For days, I just played this song, must have played it nearly 100 times. I mentioned this bizarre phenomenon to my brother and he simply said (I paraphrase), “Change the chords around a little, alter the melody, make it your own”.

Okay, I can try that. So, I flipped the chord progression, added a little guitar lick, started coming up with something different; started making something that was mine. Cool!

And then, the chorus smacked me right in the head. It hit me so hard, I was shaken.

I can feel your heart beating inside me
I’m already home
I am love, there’s nowhere you can hide me
I’m already home

I had already written enough about death. And I had worked so hard to pick myself up, to put one foot in front of the other, to keep moving forward. Jean had visited me before, shortly after her death, to let me know everything was alright, that I was not alone, that I’d always have an angel looking over my shoulder. And she’d come to me a second time, in a dream, and said, “Dude, it’s time to move on”. I started to say, “No. No. No. No. No!” And I put my guitar in its case, closed it and put it away.


But I guess I had no say in the matter. Like Jean herself, the song wasn’t going to go quietly. This song was going to have its say!

The rest came very quickly, the lyrics, the arrangement, the recording. As I recorded the guitar part, the bass line sang itself to me. I didn’t even have to learn it, it was just there. A vocal harmony, then another. The string parts… it all just flowed so easily.

Eventually, like so much from that first year, I kind of put it away, sort of a box in the attic…A week or so ago, I’m Already Home popped in my head. I put the song on, gave it a good listen and all these years later, without that first raw shock, without the fresh emotion, I’m able to listen to it a bit more as “just a piece of music”, a story, melody, harmony, performance…

And I just love it.

I’m Already Home
I can feel your heart beating inside me
I’m already home
I am love there’s nowhere you can hide me
I’m already home

Words cannot begin to tell you
Story of our life
But these few words were sent to me
Message from my wife

She says
I can feel your heart beating inside me
I’m already home
I am love there’s nowhere you can hide me
I’m already home

Past is in my presence
Future’s on my wings
Told me when I close my eyes
I’ll see everything

I can feel your heart beating inside me
I’m already home
I am love there’s nowhere you can hide me
I’m already home

Told me when the time has come
I’m gonna fly away with you
Til that day I’m by myself

And I can feel your heart beating inside me
I’m already home
I am love there’s no way you can hide me
I’m already home
I’m already home
I’m already home

words and music by bobwhite
©2007 Hannah’s Dad’s Music/Samsongs