I don’t record many covers, but when I do, I prefer to butcher Beatles tunes 🤗

Cry Baby Cry (the Beatles)

A more obscure Lennon song (if there is such a thing as an obscure Beatles song). John’s version is much better than mine, but mine is better than World Party’s (and I LOVE them!)


Nobody Home
(Pink Floyd)

Roger Waters may be an anti-Semitic windbag, but he has written some epic songs. None in the last 30 years mind you, still flogging the hits, but still…


You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away
(the Beatles)

Another Lennon classic, from Help, a simple yet gorgeous song (their version, anyway).


She Loves You
(the Beatles)

Yes, yes, what the world needs is another freakin’ Beatles cover. Maybe do something clever like taking a legendary upbeat rocker and turning it into a slow solo acoustic number.

Um… NO!

But that’s what I did in 2007 and I really like it.