the Massk

 The other night, a little past midnight, I’m in the studio working on a new bobwhite track when my old buddy Loop Granddaddy showed up unannounced. He was all agitated and looking to do one of his “quick” sessions. I couldn’t get him to back down so we started looping guitars and throwing down beats. Pretty soon, lyrics started flowing freestyle and by 3:30 in the morning we had this new track.

Parental warning: the word motherfucker is in this song 87 times. 

the Massk
I go to the market the other day
And there was people with
Their noses sticking out of their masks
Why would anybody do that?

Don’t you recognize?
There’s a pandemic in this land
We’ve got no leadership
We’ve got no leadership

I stared at them and I just wanted to smack their motherfucking face
And my common sense kicks in and it says
Do you want to commit assault?
Or maybe go to prison (or even worse)

And it’s so hard
To keep my shit… together
Trying to protect myself and my family
But these motherfuckers can’t wear their masks 

They don’t believe in science
Or maybe they think they’re invincible
Or maybe they’re just dumb as fucking shit
Dumb as fucking shit!

I look at the statistics
I’ve been keeping a spreadsheet every day
I’ve done my research

and it’s so hard to keep my shit…
and my common sense kicks in and it says
and it’s so hard…

words, music by bobwhite
guitars and vocals: bobwhite
additional guitars: Barlow Sample
recording by Loop Granddaddy
© 2020 Hannah’s Dad’s Music/Samsongs BMI


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photo credit: Roberto Blanco, location undisclosed

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