the White Album (2003)

The cover of bobwhite – the White Album (2003)

Little did I know, back in May of 2003, when I took this photo in London, that 10 years later, I’d come to find that this clever piece of graffiti was a very early piece by Banksy. I guess that means he kind of unwittingly helped design my album cover 🙂

the white album

putney bridge
your pretty
candle for mr. g
anna (go with him)*
hold me closely
day we met
i know
will be done

bonus tracks:
you’ve got to hide your love away**

bobwhite and the geriatrics:
Hey You Kids
Guess What?

Produced by Roman JA Cliff
© 2004 Hannah’s Dad’s Music/Samsongs (except where noted)

original liner notes:
bobwhite is:
bob white – lead vocals, acoustic guitars, drum programs
barlow sample – electric guitars and background vocals
cliff – bass and vocals
joe bob “don’t call me bob” bob – drums and percussion

guest stars:
J. “Dizz” Astor – organ on Will Be Done
DeWayne “Whitey” Roberts – slide on Putney Bridge

produced by Roman Cliff
engineered by Hans Asperger
mixed by Joey Abersom
recorded at 44 Square, California, USA
vocals recorded in the blue room
executive producer – Joel Abramson

words and music by bobwhite except
Anna (Go With Him) by Alexander
You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away by Lennon “and McCartney”

photos – Roberto Blanco


photo: Hannah Abramson

I took a walk out in the rain 🙂
photo: Hannah Abramson