Joel Music

Somewhere between Barlow Sample and bobwhite, I was just Joel for a minute.

When I moved to Los Angeles in 1980, I cut my hair, got a job and decided to never be in a band ever again. But… I took out a loan and bought one of them new-fangled Tascam 4-track cassette decks. Made a lot of crappy demos with that awesome toy over the years 🙂

Here are “a few”. Enjoy (?)

Stephanie 1980
Rap Me 1982
Hey Little Boy 1983 (original demo)
Time 1984
I Can’t Feel 1984
She’s Not My Girlfriend 1984 (with J “Dizz” Astor)
Freeway Cowboy 1988
It’s Gonna Happen 1989 (original version)
Never Gonna Lose You 1989 ( with J “Dizz” Astor)

Anniversary Day 1997
Heaven 1997
Still Nobody (original demo) 1997
Killed By a Camera 1997