I Know

 I Know was the very first bobwhite song, recorded in 2001.

 Back then I was working with a Tascam 4-track cassette machine. I had reached the limit of what I could do with that cool toy and bought an 8-tk digital machine, my first foray in digital recording. And 8 tracks… LUXURY!

Love is all that matters!

I Know
There’s children throwing rocks at recess
There’s fighting in the Middle East
Seems the whole world’s just a big mess
Can’t satisfy the beast

There’s rules for shooting rubber bullets
You’ve got to aim beneath the knee
And put the fair back into warfare
Makes no sense to me

‘Cause I know
Love is all the matters
Yeah, I know
And I know
Hate can only shatter
This is what I truly know

I need a gun to guard my children
Need another for my wife
I need a gun to start my killing
I meant defend my life

I need a gun for my solution
I need a gun to be a man
It’s written in the constitution
And just because I can


words and music by bobwhite
©2001 and 2020 Hannah’s Dad’s Music/Samsongs BMI

bob white – lead vocals, acoustic guitars, drum programs
barlow sample – electric guitars and background vocals
cliff – bass and vocals
joe bob “don’t call me bob” bob – drums and percussion

produced by Roman Cliff
engineered by Hans Asperger
mixed by Joey Abersom
recorded at 44 Square, California, USA
vocals recorded in the blue room
executive producer – Joel Abramson