Tommy Mac

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Tommy Mac was only 6 years old
But still he seemed grown up to me
Looking handsome in his uniform
He was the oldest one of three

We were just kids out in the park
And life was just our game
This is how the story starts
Long after dark out in the rain

Tommy Mac, man, he was one of us
In the backyard we sang and played
From The Heights is where we dreamed our dreams
Drinking our beer, trying to get laid

Was like a brother in our arms
Give you the shirt right off his back
Love and laughter were his charms
Yeah, that’s our Tommy Mac

Tommy Mac behind his Towers wall
But with his smile you couldn’t tell
Learned to walk and then he learned to crawl
He had a view straight down from Hell

And now these tears we can’t ignore
Weeping for days left far behind
His axe lies cold, to sing no more
Leaving us Crying to the Sky

And it’s fare thee well my dear Tommy
Fare thee well now you’ve been set free
Fare thee well my poor Tommy
You’ve ripped your sails and your ship’s been lost at sea

It rained and then it poured
Washing his compass overboard
Through the pain and through the storm
I guess he’s gone to meet his lord

Tommy Mac was always born to die
But then that’s just like me and you
Ain’t no use to sit and wonder why
You know it’s still going to be true

Touched some people’s hearts
But sadly now we fade to black
So raise a glass to our dear friend
He’s never coming back

Tommy Mac was 48 years old
You know it seems too young to me

Music: bobwhite
Lyrics: Joel Abramson and Michael Hammett
© 2007 Hannah’s Dad’s Music/Samsongs BMI
Produced, engineered, mixed, played, programmed and tea brewed by bobwhite
Recorded at Cliff Hangar, studio 2

Three of my favorite guitar players
Left to right: Thomas MacElveney, Steve Howe, bobwhite