100 (and last) words on Trump

America’s most despised “leader” is increasingly unlikely to be his party’s nominee. And he has no chance of winning general election. Even Bernie, the candidate the press pretends doesn’t exist, beats him in a landslide.

Trump’s “success” is driven by an absurd amount of media coverage. They cover this buffoon because it makes rubberneckers, like me, turn the TV on. He’s Zika, he’s a mining disaster, a train derailment, a 20 car collision, all rolled into one.

And I am tired of it. Trump is irrelevant. All he breeds is ignorance and hate.

I will not talk about him anymore.

Drumpf hate

1 thought on “100 (and last) words on Trump

  1. 3/26/20
    And how’d that work out for you? Whatever your worst case scenario from four years ago was pales in comparison to our actual world today. To call this presidency an unmitigated disaster would be the understatement of a lifetime.

    His Presidency should be called the Ocean of Diarrhea, except it’s much worse than that.


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